What Are Some Dirty Theme Park Secrets That Most People Don't Know About? (r/AskReddit)

by MAC

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Jake November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I'm less than 6 minutes in and this makes me want to kill everyone accociated with these disgusting practices including the posters.
Time to go watch something else.

Aden Moeder November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

AY! Fellow Oklahoman, I knew I shouldn’t trust Frontier City, Never did like that place

XodiaqKey November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

My ex used to work at Lakeside in Colorado.
Some of the things she told me were
Overstocked ice cream bags would sit in a hot shed for weeks until it was time to refill the machines.
Most of the food and game stands had exposed electrical wires and most of them leaked whenever it would rain.
Vomit was sweat into a little bucket and dusted over, then left alone.

According to my ex, they got away with all this by paying off a local health inspector who had been doing it for the park for decades.

So yeah guys, don't go to Lakeside if you're ever in Colorado, it's horrifyingly unsafe.

Tyler Furrison November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm


Legit done at schools too, seen it firsthand and have thrown up (and was able to stick around to see the aftermath)

Raevman Igotnoskills November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

The gokart thing… I noticed there was control over the Gokarts… jesus fuck, what a Cunt that controlled mine was:
Being with a group to just ride for fun, I'm focusing on driving ahead, not even bothering to look backwards. Suddenly my gokart just lost speed and slows down for a solid 15 seconds, and I see instantly someone just passing me and then following 3 others… when I get done with my laps for that round, I hear the guy say: "You got to stop cutting people off, think about that for next time." so I literally blew up on him (had a bad temper back then… happened when I was like 16-17) and the moment someone was following me for a minute straight, my gokart would just slow down… EVERY TIME… Didn't matter that I said I wasn't even fucking paying attention to my rear, nope… I was intentionally cutting people off…

Adam Nope November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Subway, eat mold! That's fucking hilarious, but you could kill or maim someone with mold, some strains are flesh-eating and can kill or disfigure people, I really hope they stopped doing that…

Adam Nope November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Lmao, thought dude referred to himself as a shiteater, I then paused it and read the cc, turns out he was filling a much less horrific role of shift leader instead, good for you, man!

Helen woods November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I was expecting 'special water ' to be water from one of the rides or something hahaha

Nick DeGugs November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

3:52 Food service worker at a park here. There’s this crack in the pavement underneath the register which guests would drop their change. The thing was a goldmine if you could find a time in which the supervisors weren’t looking to fish them out.

kurobarauchiha November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

My first severe medical issue was in line for a coaster and they had to take me out on a stretcher… (Neuro disorder) fun times. Never forgot it.

Dirk Bruere November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Metal fatigue

Jopsyduck November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I live 11 mins from one of these parks, I'm never going there again after what I learned from this video.

NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

In waterparks if somebody poops in the pool or whatever, all they do is get everyone out of the water, then they turn the filters on high and use a crap ton of chlorine for like ten mins. Then people are let back in. That’s all they do which is odd.

Steamloco November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Is that a motherfuckin Roller Coaster Tycoon refrence?

Sojourner&Tenebris Games November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

5:09 why not just automate that?

Yonder Mileslimpey November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Adventure land

ItzMe CoCo November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

What the hell is code big bird and snuffy supposed to mean??

URAsoreloser1 November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Well I guess next time I'm at Hershey park, I'll have to try the magic water trick.

Marion James November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Bad mother here, took my son of 4 on a small ghost train, at one part a guy with a hockey mask (think Friday the 13th) and a water gun jumped out at us. I grabbed my son, screamed and used him as a human shield, not my best parenting moment, trying to sacrifice my first born lol. He is now 27 and does not like scary rides or movies, scarred him for life my bad😂😂😂

Phebe Mun November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Only worked with guests at sixflags for 2 days before corona but the water at thunder river is clean bc everynight they drain the water so its not just sitting there all night. There is a part of the ride where water stays out but isn't used for rides, geese love to swim there everymorning

Zymka November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I'm confused, what does code bigbird mean? I know what code snuffy means, it's kind of obvious, but can someone explain?

An Aldmeri Dominion Enforcer November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

4:14 Is that a George Carlin reference?

Jackattack November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

In Disney world I kindly asked if they had a spot in cinderellas castle during lunch and they let me in. Then another group of people who overheard me tried and got denied. Being kind makes a huge difference in Disney world.

labtechsuperstar November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I also used to work at the unnamed theme park in Canada. There were days it was really awful. I especially hated dealing with parents who wanted to put their too small kid on a ride. One time these parents tried to sneak their child on the ride by having the father line up and then the mother passed the kid over the barrier to hand to the father. I saw this happen and told them no way. The response? "Oh well, we tried." I'm thinking, "Tried what? To have your kid killed? Brilliant."🙄

Ethan Blevins November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Lawyers, how much of this is actually legal??

Milo Challen November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

0:45 when I was a small child I once went into the bottom of a ball pit, what was down there still haunts me.

StarlightEater November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I watched one of those quarter pound hot dogs turn on an uncleaned grill for a week til some kid thought it was a breakfast sausage.

No one is paid enough to care ABOUT you.

Rosie Watson November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I used to have passes to Knotts Berry Farm and one time we went one roller coaster had like no line and the operator let me and my cousins, my brother, and a few other kids go on it non stop for like 10 times in a row because we where being nice and saying stuff like "thank you" when he helped us onto the ride and stuff.
Be nice and you just might get to go on a ride over and over again and have lots of fun.

Loyal Burt November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Ohh I’m on this side of YouTube again😂😂😂

Tandem _Ferret November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I feel like a good portion of theme parks don't treat their employees very good (just stating the obvious)

Taryn M November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I’ve peed in a ball pit before. It was an accident and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I feel bad. This was 10 years ago.

J is Scoobysmom November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

There won't be any more ball pits, etc., anymore, after coronavirus, huh? I just realized that my future grandchildren will never know the "joy" of slamming your head into the one piece that isn't protected 🤣

Dere Ngo November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I thougth this was a coconut brah video about Theme Park spots at first

Mr. James November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I don’t think I like theme parks anymore.

M L November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

9:54 just an observation intensifies

MultiBearsfan54 November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Am now going to call Sprite "magic water" from now on 😂🤣

KirbKills November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

I won a hermit crab from the fair last summer and was excited to take care of it but it just sucked. It was attracting some kind of weird bug that was all over it and it made my whole room stunk and it didn’t do anything. We just released it out into the wild so it’s dead now obviously

Trains, Music, And More November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

That moment when someone claims that a six flags park was the safest in the country…

Em November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Like this for no reason but because :>

anonymous98235 November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm


Rat Thing November 20, 2020 - 2:41 pm



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