Webinar: Wind turbines Structural Health Monitoring

by MAC

TWI is part of a consortium of companies working on the BladeSave project, to develop a condition monitoring system for wind turbine blades.

BladeSave is a comprehensive system for monitoring, repair and management of wind turbine blades, that combines expertise in structural health monitoring, fibre optic sensing technologies and management software.

BladeSave aims to increase the average annual availability of wind turbines by optimising maintenance to maximise component life spans and reduce unscheduled repair, replacement and breakdown.

This webinar is of interest to any engineers or decision makers from across the wind energy sector, including, but not limited to: wind farm owners and operators, wind turbine service providers, wind turbine manufacturers, academics, technologists and researchers working on associated topics.

Discover more: https://www.twi-global.com/media-and-events/insights/bladesave-innovative-new-wind-turbine-blade-monitoring




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