Kickboxing: Lin Qiangbang vs. Nobutoshi Kondo FULL FIGHT-2017

by CHZ

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Kunlun Fight is a Chinese kickboxing and MMA promotion developed by Kunsun Media. Debuted in 2014, Kunlun Fight was honored “Event of the Year” by world’s authoritative media in 2015, and is now regarded as one of the top kickboxing promotions in the world. Kunlun Fight has since 2015 kept on a steady pace of running over 20 events annually, the programme copyright has exported to over 82 countries in 4 languages, covering main countries in Asia, Europe and America.

Clash of Titans, AKA Kunlun Fight 70kg World Max Championship, is a 64-man format, an annually held world top level kickboxing tournament. With millions dollars rewarding all elite fighters contending for the championship, Clash of Titans is considered to be the grandest and the most entertaining tournament with all star-studded lineups.


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