I LOST 20LBS IN TWO WEEKS | Lose Weight Fast | ft. Insanity & Chloe Ting

by CHZ

Hello my marvelous MoonPies 🌙 💕 Welcome to my channel! My name is Rose and I make vlogs, covers, + more.

I couldn’t stand gaining weight. Especially during this quarantine, it’s easier for us to gain weight and be lazy. This challenge allowed me to push myself even on the days when I didn’t want to work out. I did insanity (two week free trial) combined with Chloe Ting’s two week challenge to bring you an insane transformation in only two weeks!!!

Some of you may ask if I changed my diet or what I ate throughout. Honestly, I just ate whenever I was hungry. I typically eat pretty healthy mixing in brown rice with different types of protein. Quarantine has allowed me to cook more at home so I ate anything from braised pork belly, to homemade pho, to chicken vermicelli, to Korean side dishes, tofu soup, and a lot more!

Be happy with yourself. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t limit yourself. Do what works best for you. Life is all about living and having fun. It’s okay to have a bag of chips or two? Or … three? lol, but just have the discipline to work out afterwards. A light jog or simple jumping jacks will do. Start small. A thousand mile journey starts with the first step today.

Sign up for a two-week trial with Insanity. There’s no catch and I don’t get anything from it. I just think the workout progress transformation from it really really worked. I sweat so much and hated every moment of it. But I LOVED the results.

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