Hero Flyer Manned Drone Performance Aerial View Uncut

by MAC

Hero Flyer is a full scale, manned, electric multi-rotor specifically designed for the entertainment and marketing industries.

Nature of performance:
An anonymous pilot wears the costume of a Super Hero, Movie/TV Character, Sports Team or branded flight suit, performing to the amazement of viewers at charity events, amusement parks, sporting events, conventions, grand openings, corporate events, movie premieres, commercials and other venues.

Hero Flyer is modular by design. Each motor, motor controller, batteries and associated electronics are isolated into a “power module”. A failure of any component in a module, including batteries, has no effect on any other module and flight continues. There are two completely isolated flight stabilization systems with their own power. If one fails for any reason, it has no effect and flight continues. Additionally, no GPS, barometric sensor, magnetometer, or radio signals are used to prevent outside interference. The pilot has vibration feedback sensors in the helmet giving him the status of primary and backup systems without the need to look at instruments. There are several other safety measures in place as well. It may look like a large drone and seem similar to other videos, but it is quite unique and a very robust design.

What if a battery fails?
Each motor and flight stabilization system is modular and has its own battery pack, completely isolated from all other components. Controlled flight is maintained even if a battery fails.
What if a motor fails?
Each motor and associated electronics is isolated from all other motors. The remaining motors provide controlled flight.
What if the flight stabilization system fails?
There are two completely independent flight stabilization systems isolated from all other components. If one fails for any reason, the other takes over.
Is this fake, there are no batteries, where are the batteries?
Hero Flyer is real. There have been no special effects used in the videos. The batteries are in the base where the pilot is standing.
​Don’t LiPo batteries burst into flames?
The resistance of every individual battery cell is tested prior to flight which gives a very good indication of the health of the battery. Additionally, the batteries are not discharged to the point of over heating and damage. And finally there are fire protection / isolation materials in place.
Are un-shrouded props dangerous?
Debris small enough to be kicked up from prop wash does not have enough kinetic energy to cause harm or significant prop damage. The only way the pilot is moved toward the props is if the craft has struck something, in which case the props in the direction of impact are already destroyed and the pilot has much more to worry about. Prop failure testing was conducted by cutting a blade near the hub 90% through, leaving only one carbon fiber surface in tacked. The prop was mounted to a motor and full power was applied. The prop did not fail and continued to produce thrust. If an object were hit at flight speeds, such as a bird, simple screens and shrouds will not prevent damage. If a shroud was developed that would withstand the impact of a bird, the additional weight and aerodynamic impact would have to be weighed against the decrease in performance and maneuverability, for example, when reacting to wind gusts which have a much higher frequency of occurring.
What about GPS signal loss or radio interference?
To avoid the possibility of outside interference, Hero Flyer does not rely on GPS, magnetometers, barometric sensors or radio signals.
Is this legal to fly?
The FAA was consulted during the development of Hero Flyer and is legal to fly in the USA.
Why don’t you use a parachute?
At these altitudes, even a ballistic parachute will not help, it only provides a false sense of security. A robust, modular design that can withstand failures is much safer. Hero Flyer has demonstrated manned flight simulating failures of motors, batteries, flight controller, etc., while safely maintaining control under a wide range of flight conditions.
What parts do you use, Can I get plans, Is there a kit, Can I buy one?
Hero Flyer is a sophisticated craft developed over many years as an event entertainment, marketing tool, and technology demonstrator. There is no consumer version, kit, plans, or parts list available.



petey wheaty February 23, 2020 - 8:04 am

Very impressive

Stephen Lai February 23, 2020 - 8:04 am

This is so fun to flight!!!

Toplay Com February 23, 2020 - 8:04 am

Good job man…

froggyhopper1 February 23, 2020 - 8:04 am

Well done.

ROYAL GOLD February 23, 2020 - 8:04 am

your business is going to explode in the next year, do you have any ideas for dealers or distributors? Im interested in more details


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