Greg Glassman and Crossfit Questions with Anders Varner.

by CHZ

Greg Glassman and Crossfit Q and A with Anders Varner from Barbell Shrugged.

You can see and hear more of Anders
on IG and @Barbell Shrugged YouTube.



Michael Ramirez November 23, 2020 - 2:47 pm

He called it, Greg resigns.

A Roger November 23, 2020 - 2:47 pm

When the open went away… that’s when shit started to go downhill.

Hugh Klassen November 23, 2020 - 2:47 pm

Just tuned, in great conversation, I didn’t even know it was possible for Greg glassman to step down and still get a cut, which really pisses me off. I don’t know if you already addressed this but glassman just dropped another tweet can y’all talk about that a bit please

Sean Safford November 23, 2020 - 2:47 pm

People switched from MySpace to Facebook practically over night. It’s a platform. But the switching costs are low. And the switch will come.

Ben Fisher November 23, 2020 - 2:47 pm

Great conversation. Really enjoying it.


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