10 Ways to Protect Yourself from 5G and EMF Radiation

by MAC


Our Cell Phones, Microwaves, Wi-Fi Routers, Computers, Appliances and Powerlines are Blasting Invisible Waves that can be Hazardous to our health, especially your baby’s health! Does your baby know this? Do you know this? How about your Dog? It affects your Dog too!

Electromagnetic fields come in two types: Ionizing and Non-Ionizing. Ionizing radiation comes from ultra-violet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays. They actually have a potential to break apart your atoms. Talk about Genetically Modified…Stay away from those as much as you stay away from GMOs.
Most electronic devices and powerlines are non-ionizing. This means they won’t turn your atoms into a chopped wireless salad, but can have some subtle health effects when constantly exposed to them. Long term exposure can actually cause headaches, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and some studies say it can cause leukemia in children or cancer of the brain and spinal chord if the phone is always glued to a person’s head.
Ok, now for the Ten things you can do to reduce exposure to Electro Smog:

1. The first one is obvious. Increase your distance from the device or powerlines. As you move away from devices the EMF radiation decreases exponentially, so basically don’t sleep next to your router, phone, or use your microwave as a mirror while your cookining!
2. Secondly, if you are driven by facts you can buy a meter. The Trifield EMF meter model TF2 is one of the best handheld meters in the world for the price. It detects 4G, 5G, Routers, Powerlines, and Electronics. So basically Electromagnetic signals, Electric Signals, and Radio Frequency Signals.
3. The third way you can protect yourself these invisible cell mutating bastards is buy EMF blocking shielding. Not all shielding is created equal. RF shielding will only block certain Radio Frequencies, Cell Phones, and Wi-Fi Routers. For Powerlines and other Electromagnetic Shielding(like appliances, wiring in walls, and motors), you have to rely on more powerful shielding material mainly made of mixed metal alloys or just keep a safe distance like 500 feet from powerlines.
4. The fourth way to avoid EMF radiation is to turn your Wi-Fi Router off at night and put your cell phone on Airplane mode. It could also help to invest in a land line for emergencies. Sometimes becoming old school is the way to go in the modern world.
5. The fifth badass technique you should use to protect yourself from these crazy wireless waves is: Use your phone’s speaker, or wired head phones, and always use an RF blocking shield when it’s in your pocket.
6. The sixth safe protocol is keep a distance from clocks, wearables, wireless watches, wireless headsets, fitness devices, and keep your baby away from baby monitors!
7. This brings me to the seventh safety hack you can take advantage of in the modern world of Dirty Electricity. Get a whole house Dirty Electricity Mitigation System. Magnetic fields are being radiated by fluorescent light bulbs, smart meters, halogen fixtures front loading waching machines, your home alarm system, and solar panel inverters. Get a DE dimmer switch to turn these frequencies down in the entire house!
8. The eighth way to be on the safe side from electromagnetic pollution is to opt out of your smart meter. In California, to opt out costs about 75 bucks and then 10 dollars a month to make your smart meter dumb again. Hey, this may make you smarter!
9. The ninth way to reduce the harmful effects of electricity is by grounding or earthing. Grounding is a relatively new topic, but studies show some promising results. Because electrical conductivity exits within the matrix of an immune system defense like antioxidants, grounding can restore natural defenses of the body so basically bringing your cells back to normal after being exposed to radiation.
10. The tenth thing you can do to protect yourself from wireless waves is to shield your whole house by using shielding paint and fabrics, but I don’t recommend this because you need natural electro-magnetic energy that the earth produces, which is needed for our internal electrical system to function properly.

It’s unlikely that you will be constantly exposed to EMF radiation all day every day, but incase you want to be re-assured, the first step you can take is to test your surroundings.

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